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About TCSE – 2021 (33rd Annual Conference)


Dear Authors,
All are requested to send the abstracts by 31st January, 2021. All the missing abstracts will be incorporated in the e-Abstract book after the event.

National Conference on TECHNO-SCIENTIFIC CHALLENGES AND SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR LIVING BEINGS DURING CHANGING ENVIRONMENT (TCSE-2021) pandemic has affected many science, space and technology institutions and government agencies worldwide, leading to reduced productivity on a number of fields and programs. It has also opened several new funding research lines in several governmental agencies around the world.


  • Conservation Agriculture, Energy Efficient and Environment Protective Technologies
  • Climate Smart Agriculture and Water Management.
  • Establishment of Secondary Agriculture for skill and Entrepreneurship Development.
  • Protected Agriculture, Natural Farming and Hi-Tech Agriculture.
  • Digital Farming Solutions for Enhancing Productivity by Robots, Drones, and AGVs
  • Environment and Indian Biodiversity
  • Environment and Human Health
  • Environmental impact on Air, Water and Soil Quality
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Ecological Balance and Climate Change
  • Socio Economic challenges during pandemic
  • Physiological Challenges
  • Water Resources / Pollution / Conservation / Harvesting
  • Technological Solutions – Health Agriculture Food Safety Environmental Energy & Week Nano-technological Solutions Waste Management Alternative Medicines

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